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A challenging, relaxing, original, and new puzzle.
Elasticise colored boxes to reach the goal!
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iPhones, iPads, and Android phones, and tablet devices
info panel 1 Each elasticolor box can be stretched bigger to one direction, and one cell at a time.
The aim of the puzzle is to reach at the target design at upper right corner. info panel 2
info panel 3



Elasticolor boxes can grow to shrink other boxes, or totally remove them.

There are 6 different colors, and there must be at least one elasticolor box of each type, at all times.

If you remove the last elasticolor box of a color type, then the level has failed.

You can quickly fail a level this way to restart a level.

If you have one elasticolor box of one type of color, then it can be grown, and another box can grow to cut it into two, or more parts. info panel 4
info panel 5 This way you can multiply the number of elasticolor boxes that you have of one type of color.
You score is based on the number of steps you took to reach the target design. You can improve your score by either with less steps or less time. info panel 4

ElastiColors is an production.

Please contact with for any questions or suggestions.

Email address : contact [at sign] hgware [dot] com